Meet Our Farmers: Happiness by the Acre

Meet Our Farmers: Happiness by the Acre

Happiness by the Acre
Didsbury, Alberta

Happiness by the Acre is a small family farm run by Sarah and Marcus Riedner. It started as an urban farm in Calgary in 2013 but has since expanded to their rural land near Didsbury. They use regenerative farming practices and grow non-certified organic veggies, fruit, flowers, and ethically-raised ducks and chickens. They also custom graze cattle. They are founding members of YYC Growers.

What they grow for us: ethically-raised duck & chicken eggs, pastured chicken, garlic, more.

Watch our video interview with Sarah Reidner from Happiness by the Acre here.

Watch our video feature “Raising Meat Birds with Sarah & Marcus Riedner” here.

Learn more about the family’s journey to becoming full-time farmers at

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Image credits: Happiness by the Acre Instagram

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