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Ghee - Masala Chai

Ghee - Masala Chai

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A 250 ml jar made for all the sweet-tooths, and chai lovers out there!
Trying to support as local as possible, the chia spices are sourced from The Spice Merchant. A Calgary-based globetrotter who in his travels, encountered countless independent farmers and forged symbiotic partnerships with them. By sourcing spices directly from these farmers, The Spice Merchant ensures the sustainability and fair trade aspects of their final product.
All spices sourced for this product are single origin, and can be traced back directly to the individual farmers.

How do you use MC Ghee?
Drizzle on your favourite brunch dish- French Toast, waffles, pancakes, biscuits etc!
Use it to bake 1:1 substitute with butter, for a delicious, lactose free, chai flavoured treat!
Blitz into your morning coffee for a Chair infused bulletproof coffee!
Drizzle some melted MC Ghee on vanilla ice cream with a pinch of salt, and BOOM - chai cream!

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