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Goldie Craft Chocolate

Goldie Chocolate Bars- 9 varieties

Goldie Chocolate Bars- 9 varieties

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Each 50g bar is sealed in a 100% compostable cellulose wrapper and a recyclable paper envelope.

Gold Bar: Golden-hued white chocolate that is not-too-sweet, and tastes of salted butter toffee. Each ingredient is caramelized before being ground. This is one of our bestselling bars!

Maya Mountain , Belize 70%- Exceptional organic cocoa beans from Maya Mountain Cooperative in Belize. Notes of: pineapple / fudge / tobacco / raisin 

Hazelnut Oat Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt- Hazelnut and oat milk chocolate with sea salt and chunks of roasted hazelnut. Vegan.

Milky Milk with Cocoa Nibs- Milk Chocolate made with a lot more milk, and lot less sugar. The resulting bar is rich milk chocolate with delightful little bits of cocoa bean inside it.

Rum & Oat Nog- Rum soaked 60% Okö Caribe Dominican Republic cocoa beans with a vanilla and nutmeg spiced oat white chocolate swirl.
Vegan! Tastes fruity, dark, and comforting.

Semuliki Forest, Uganda, 80% - Made of single-origin cacao beans from the Semuliki Forest in Western Uganda, this bar has a flavour profile of cinnamon, fig, and chocolate cookies.

Buttermilk Saskatoon- White, fruit flavoured chocolate. Swirls of Alberta-grown Saskatoon berry and buttermilk white chocolate.

Strawberry Matcha- Organic matcha, locally procured by Issa Green with a coconut strawberry swirl. Vegan.

Ugandan Vanilla and Sea Salt-60% Dark with Directly Traded Ugandan Vanilla and Sea Salt. Creamy and dreamy. A very light sprinkle of salt to gently enhance the vanilla and rich chocolate flavour of this bean.

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