Find out what's in our Regenerative Meat Boxes

Find out what's in our Regenerative Meat Boxes

Keep your freezer stocked with a selection of delicious, healthy, and environmentally-friendly meat, with the convenience of a curated monthly order!

One of the core principles of regenerative agriculture is continually improving the soil and environment in which we are growing food. Integrating livestock is a key part of that process, and we want to bring you easy access to delicious, ethically and sustainably raised meat that you can feel great about consuming.

Each box will contain some of our favourite items from our producers. You should expect to receive ground meat, cuts, and charcuterie—plus, the occasional treat from our pantry.

Available for one-time order or monthly subscription in our online store → here.

If you’re looking for something more specific or frequent, try one of our other meat subscriptions.

MEAT SUBSCRIPTIONS - Available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

🥩 Beef (ground) — $12.50 per order

Grass-fed and grass-finished, free of added hormones and steroids, raised according to regenerative grazing practices by Fishburn Ranch (Pincher Creek).

🥩 Bison (ground) — $12.25 per order

Naturally raised grass-fed and grass-finished bison from Mount Bison & Cattle Company (Caroline), a small first-generation family farm.

🥩 Yak (ground) — $12.50 per order

Raised sustainably by Little Loaves Farm (Sundre), yak is low in fat and cholesterol & high in Omega-3’s, Mono-Unsaturated Fats, Linoleic Acids.

Shop all meat subscriptions in our online store → here.

Plus, other non-subscription meat products!


Bison burger patties / Image: Mount Bison and Cattle Co

Bison stewing meat / Image: Mount Bison and Cattle Co


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