Meet Our Farmers: Deepwater Farms

Meet Our Farmers: Deepwater Farms

Deepwater Farms
Calgary, Alberta

Deepwater Farms was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2015. It started as a passion project to bring the farm closer to people and people closer to their food. We grow baby greens in an indoor, controlled environment, and sell our produce locally. Unlike field-grown greens, which are subject to harsh growing conditions and a long journey to your plate, our greens are grown for flavour and nutrition instead of durability. ​

Deepwater Farms greens are grown in a hydroponic system that delivers the perfect amount of nutrients in an optimal environment, so they don’t struggle to grow which can cause greens to become tough and bitter. Given this perfect environment, and a short drive to the local supermarket, we are able to harvest them at their best which results in beautifully fresh, tender, and tasty salads.

What they grow for us: baby arugula and kale, watercress, beet leaf, lettuce

Watch our video interview with Brandon from Deepwater Farms here.

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Image credits: Deepwater Farms website

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