Meet Our Farmers: Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms

Meet Our Farmers: Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms

Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms
Calgary, Alberta

Leaf & Lyre (L&L) is a regenerative farm based in Bowness, Calgary. Rod Olsen (aka the “Rodfather”) is the founder of L&L and YYC Growers’s resident soil expert/enthusiast. Rod tends the soil by reducing tillage, adding compost, and cover cropping. L&L uses a method called SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) to use private and shared yard plots—typically using ~30 different back yards!

What they grow for us: kale, garlic, spinach, swiss chard, lettuce mix, beets, etc

Watch our video feature “The Hope of Regenerative Agriculture with Rod Olson” here.

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