Meet Our Farmers: Little Loaves Farm

Meet Our Farmers: Little Loaves Farm

Little Loaves Farm
Sundre, Alberta

Jerremie and Rita have been growing for close to decade in Alberta and are happy to be developing this new farm, at last on their own land, just North of Sundre, Alberta.  The farm is a mix of pasture, annual crops, and perennials.

They take a chemical free holistic approach to growing and grow a mix of potatoes, grains, popcorn, sunflowers, beans, and peas.  They’re also testing other crops, like chickpeas, flint corn, and rice in the hopes of finding cultivars of these important staples that will, without too much help, thrive in our high altitude growing conditions.

What they grow for us: [need info - add as tags]

Watch our video interview with Jerremie and Rita Clyde from Little Loaves Farm here.

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