Meet Our Farmers: Micro YYC

Meet Our Farmers: Micro YYC

Micro YYC
Meet Our Farmers: Micro YYC
Calgary, Alberta

Vanessa Rosewood began Micro YYC out of her basement in the winter of 2014, thinking that someday she would return to outdoor urban farming. Turns out there is more than enough to grow indoors! She now operates out of a 1500 square foot warehouse and distributes microgreens to stores, restaurants, and markets in Calgary, and beyond. They grow year-round, indoors, in soil, without the use of synthetic inputs. Seeds are certified organic whenever possible.

What they grow for us: microgreens, sprouts, shoot, wheatgrass, more.

Watch our video interview with Vanessa Rosewood from Micro YYC here.

Watch our video feature “Zero Waste Initiative” with Vanessa Rosewood here.

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