Transition FAQs

Q: Do I need to set up a new account?

A: No, you do not need to set up a new account.

For subscription purchases: When starting a new subscription, simply add the subscription to your cart normally and progress to the checkout. Here you’ll be asked for your contact email, delivery method (delivery or pick-up), delivery address or pick-up location, and payment method. This same information will apply to all future fulfillments for your selected subscription. 

For non-subscription purchases: You’ll be asked for your contact email, delivery method (delivery or pick-up), delivery address or pick-up location, and payment method at checkout each time you place an order.

There is no “My Account” section on the website for you to update your address or payment information, only a Customer Portal where subscriptions are managed (see Customer Portal question below).

How to Purchase a Subscription for Pickup 🧑‍🌾: 




How to Purchase a Subscription for Home Delivery 📦: 




Q: How do I view and manage my subscriptions in the Customer Portal?

A: Under My Subscriptions on the website, simply enter your email address. Use the same email address to login that you used to purchase the subscription. You’ll be sent a 'magic link' to your email that will direct you to your Customer Portal. Here you can view and manage your subscriptions. The 'magic link' will be valid for 24-hours only.

***The Customer Portal will only contain your subscriptions. To view your non-subscription items and orders, please refer to your confirmation email(s).***

How to Access the Customer Portal🧑‍💻: 



Q: Will you still offer subscription plans?

A: Yes, you can still sign up for weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions for harvest box, egg, select proteins, coffee, fruit, and our regenerative meat box. 


Q: Will you still offer up-front payment plans?

A: No. Previously we had payment plans that were paid up-front into your YYC Growers account. We would draw down the balance of your account as your subscription orders were processed—be that bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly, depending on your settings. These up-front payment plans have been discontinued and can no longer be purchased effective June 16.


Q: What happens to the balance currently in my YYC Growers account?

A: For any customers with existing account balances, your balance is safe and will carry forward. 

Upon website launch, you will receive an email with a promo code that you can use to draw down your existing balance. Enter this code at checkout when you first set up your subscription(s). Each order fulfillment (dependent on your selected cadence) will draw down your balance. Upon checkout, you’ll also be required to add a method of payment; which will be used once your balance runs out.

Once your balance depletes to the point where the funds are insufficient to fulfill your subscription (i.e. less than $40 to fulfil a Harvest Box order), there is a second promo code you can use to redeem your remaining nominal balance. This code will be unique to you and you will receive it in your transition email. 

Regarding the promo code for the nominal balance remaining you will not be able to apply this to an existing subscription. It can be used towards new purchases for non-subscription items or new subscriptions.

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Q: Can I check my balance in the Customer Portal?

A: No, the only way to check your remaining balance is to contact us directly. You will receive your existing balance in your transition email.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: All orders are processed via our online store which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

For non-subscription purchases: Payment will be processed upon placing the order.

For subscription purchases: When starting a new subscription, you will be charged upon checkout when placing your first order. For the following reoccurring orders, there will be a pre-authorization placed on your form of payment on Monday. The pre-authorization turns into a charge when your order has been sent out for delivery or within 24 hours of your pick-up.


Q: Will the cost of my Harvest Box change?

A: Discontinuing payment plans also eliminates discounts on Harvest Box subscriptions. Going forward, all Harvest Boxes are as-priced in the online store, which as of this notice is $40/box. Again, this decision has been made in part due to economic pressures on the food system.


Q: How do I add one-time items to my existing subscription?

A: Access the Customer Portal via the My Subscriptions tab on the website (see Customer Portal video above). Select 'view details' for the subscription you'd like to add items to. Click 'see more products' and select the items you'd like to add.

Adding Items to Your Existing Subscription 🛒:  


Q: How can I put my subscription on hold?

A: Use the Customer Portal to either skip one week, pause your order, or  reschedule your next order further into the future. You can access the Customer Portal via the My Subscriptions tab on the website (see Customer Portal video above).

When rescheduling your order, the date you select to reschedule your subscription indicates the week we will fulfill your subscription items.

Deadline to skip, pause, or reschedule that week's order is Sunday 11:59 pm.

How to Skip, Pause, or Reschedule Your Subscription Order ⌛️:




Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A:  If you do not wish to continue your subscription, simply click ‘cancel subscription’ in the Customer Portal. You can access the Customer Portal via the My Subscriptions tab on the website (see Customer Portal video above).

If you wish to cancel your subscription order for the week, this change must be made in the Customer Portal before Sunday night 11:59 pm. If you cancel after 11:59 pm, it will cancel the following week not the immediate week.

How to Cancel Your Subscription❌:  



Q: Can I have multiple subscriptions, such as Harvest Box + fruit + eggs + coffee + regenerative meat?

A: Yes! Simply add them to your cart as items, select your cadence for each subscription, and checkout—easy peasy. You can view all your subscriptions in your Customer Portal—accessible via My Subscriptions on the website (see Customer Portal video above).

Q: Why am I being double charged for shipping?

A: Occasionally, when you combine subscription and non-subscription purchases, the website will add two delivery charges. Should this happen, enter the promo code SHIPPING_PRICE_ADJUSTMENT at checkout. We are working to remedy this!

Q: How can I view my past orders?
A: In the Customer Portal (see Customer Portal video above), you’ll be able to view all active and canceled subscriptions. Click view details and view all orders for a list of past fulfilments for that subscription. You can also view your past orders via your confirmation emails.

Q: How do I update my payment information on my subscription?
A: In the Customer Portal (see Customer Portal video above), click view details and there is a section where you can update your payment information. A link will be sent to your email, follow that link to update your payment information. 
How to Update Your Payment Information on Existing Subscriptions 💳:
Q: How do I change my pickup location on my subscription?

A: This is not possible at this time. You’ll need to cancel your subscription and set up the subscription again with the desired pick-up location.
How to Change Pickup Location on Your Active Subscription 📍:

Q: How do I update my address for home delivery?
A: In the Customer Portal (see Customer Portal video above), click view details and there is a section where you can update your address. 
Updating your Address for Subscription Home Delivery 🏡:
Q: I selected a different pickup location, so why does the order confirmation page say my pickup is the YYC Grower's warehouse?

A: The address shown on the order confirmation page after checkout lists our warehouse in the pickup section. While we understand this can be confusing, it is how we've had to configure our website backend to consider one inventory location and multiple pickup locations—a unique arrangement.