Produce forecast - week of October 23, 2023

Produce forecast - week of October 23, 2023

Produce forecast - week of October 23, 2023

We receive shipments from local producers throughout the week. Depending on your selected pickup / delivery date, your produce forecast may vary from other days.

No substitutions allowed. Please see the bottom of this post for more info.


Gentle reminder: This forecast is a prediction and is not set in stone.


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday pickups

  • Napa cabbage or greens from Root & Regenerate or Deep Water
  • Bok choy or radishes from Southern Skies
  • Brussels sprouts from Shirley's Greenhouse
  • Turnips or kohlrabi from Root & Regenerate
  • Carrots or potatoes from Root & Regenerate or Eagle Creek
  • Spaghetti squash from Shirley's Greenhouse

Fruit Share

  • Pears (2 lbs)
  • Frozen berries (1 lb)


    Feature product - Regenerative meat boxes 🥩

    Keep your freezer stocked with a selection of delicious, healthy, and environmentally-friendly meat, with the convenience of a curated subscription order!

    One of the core principles of regenerative agriculture is continually improving the soil and environment in which we are growing food. Integrating livestock is a key part of that process, and we want to bring you easy access to delicious, ethically and sustainably raised meat that you can feel great about consuming.

    selection of meats from our regenerative meat box

    Each box will contain some of our favourite items from our producers. You should expect to receive ground meat, cuts, and charcuterie—plus, the occasional treat from our pantry.

    Available for one-time order or subscription in our online store → here.

    If you’re looking for something more specific or frequent, try one of our other meat subscriptions at


    Missed your pick-up?

    You can still pick-up your order at our warehouse. Fridays only between 12-6 p.m. 4750 106 Ave SE, Unit #18.

    Unclaimed orders are donated at the end of the day Friday in accordance with our zero-waste practices.

    Refunds are not provided for unclaimed orders.


    Want to change your pick-up location?

    This is not possible at this time. You’ll need to cancel your subscription and set up a new subscription with the revised pick-up location.


    Container returns

    Home delivery: Cardboard boxes & foil just leave on the front steps

    At your pickup locations: Egg cartons/ clamshell packaging (recycling #7 only)


    Critical deadlines

    • PLACE ORDER: All orders must be placed by Friday at noon—this includes new subscriptions, adding items to existing subscriptions, and non-subscription orders. Read why here.

    • CANCEL ORDER: If you wish to cancel your subscription order for the week, this change must be made in the Customer Portal before Sunday night 11:59 pm. If you cancel after 11:59 pm, it will cancel the following week not the immediate week.

    • SKIP/PAUSE/RESCHEDULE ORDER: Deadline to skip, pause, or reschedule that week's order is Sunday 11:59 pm. Any changes made after 11:59 pm, it will be applied to the following week not the immediate week.


    Questions about how to navigate our new website?

    Head to our Transition page for specific explanation on how to use our new platform.

    We've included how-to videos and screenshots to help you get set up and navigate common inquiries.

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